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What Are g-Bloom Planters?

New g-Bloom™ planters make the pot as natural as the plants inside. Now you can skip the plastic pot or wire basket and go all natural with g-Bloom.™ There are no limits to the creative and colorful plant combinations that will thrive in these playful shapes sewn from a special MagniMoist™ material. Just fill your g-Bloom™ with soil and plant in the pre-cut holes. The results are stunning.

g-Bloom™ planters are sewn from a tougher version of MagniMoist. They are a natural fiber material that comes with pre-cut side slices for plants. You do not have to plant all the slices and you can add more slices if you choose. They can be used indoors or outdoors. g-Blooms can last for a year or more. When filling with soil and planting, g-Blooms™ do require some tenderness as the material is a natural plant fiber. MagniMoist reflects moisture into the soil to keep plants very healthy. When over saturated MagniMoist will release moisture from the g-Bloom™. A g-Bloom™ clothespin bag was trialed in a home for indoor use … by adding 2 cups of water each day herbs were harvested year round with no water dripping..


  • Explodes Plant Colors
  • Stronger Roots Survive Drought
  • Saves Water Naturally
10" Kissing Ball
12.5" Kissing Ball
14" Kissing Ball
6" Cube Planter
8" Kissing Balls
Clothspin Bag Planter
g-Bloom Shirt Planter