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Placed Below The Soil

MagniMoist’s natural fibers deflect water back up into dry soil above. When the soil is fully saturated, the fibers become porous, releasing only the excess water.

MagniMoist Under Nuclear Photography

The x-ray image shows more complete, even hydration when MagniMoist is used below the sold, filling in the large dry pockets in the sample without MagniMoist.
Nuclear photography was used to compare the moisture saturation and dispersion with and without MagniMoist in sod samples. Equal amounts of a reactor-made water-radionuclide mix were applied while using gamma scintillation cameras to map and quantify the water’s saturation & dispersion.

University Tested

The University of Minnesota departments of Horticultural Science and Turf Sciences have tested MagniMoist in the field and in growth chambers.
Using Nuclear photography the evidence is indisputable: use of MagniMoist blankets dramatically improves soil hydration, root development, and plant vitality and color.
MagniMoist extended drought survival:
3-4 days without MagniMoist
14-15 days with MagniMoist


  • Turf Establishment
  • Rooftop gardens
  • Raised Bed Gardens
  • Seed Establishment
  • Tree & Shrub Plantings
  • Rain gardens.