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What Are MagniMoist Planter Inserts?

Did you know that getting enough water is the #1 factor effecting container-grown plants? MagniMoist Planter Inserts are a revolutionary soil-hydrating fiber for growing healthy, vibrant containers.

How Do They Work?

Place a MagniMoist Insert below the soil in all clay, plastic, stone and wood pots to enhance plant health, color and water management. MagniMoist deflects water up into the soil until the soil is saturated, and then releases only the excess water. MagniMoist is university-tested to keep soil wetter!

The Results

Researchers at the University of Minnesota tested flower pots with integrated reservoirs against pots lined with MagniMoist Planter Inserts. The MagniMoist-lined pots are clearly more robust!


  • Explodes Plant Color
  • Stronger Roots Survive Drought
  • Saves Water Naturally
  • Made In USA
  • 8 Different Sizes Available
  • Available For Resale

10" Planter Insert
12.5" Planter Insert
14" Planter Insert
16" Planter Insert
4" Planter Insert
5" Planter Insert
6.5" Planter Insert
8" Planter Insert
9" Planter Insert