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The Farm is on your Table with our complete kits, non-GMO seeds and germination pads.

Farmer You kits are the easiest way to grow micro-greens. The seeds are grown on a natural fiber pad so there is no soil to make a mess. Microgreens are very nutritious with up to 68 times the vitamin levels of mature plants. The little seedlings are ready to harvest and eat when you see their first true leaves. Most crops are ready in 10-14 days and can be harvested fresh with a scissors right in the kitchen. Just wash and eat. In less than 5 minutes a day you can keep a crop rotation of 3-4 trays going. You will have a constant supply of ready to eat micro-greens at a cost as low as 40 cents per day.

Being a microgreen farmer is easy with Farmer You kits:

Place a Farmer You pad inside your re-useable growing tray. Saturate the pad with water. Sprinkle a packet of seeds on to the pad, add bio-glass cover and place out of the sun for germination. After seeds germinate in a day or two place the tray near a window. Add water daily to keep the growing pad moist. Within 10-14 days your microgreen crop will be ready to harvest!


  • Soil-less growing media (a Farmer You designed exclusive)
  • Non-GMO seeds hermetically sealed in foil packets for freshness
  • All seeds (every seed lot) is tested for high germination rates
  • One seed packet equals one tray for quick production
  • Responsive customer service, we are here to answer questions
Super Green Micro-green Starter Set
Kitchen MicroGreen Kit Black
Kitchen MicroGreen Kit White
Kitchen Kit Germination Pads x4 (8/8 size)
Broccoli MicroGreen Seed
Sunflower MicroGreen Seed
Basil MicroGreen Seed
Arugula MicroGreen Seed
Serious About Wheatgrass Kit
1/2 Pound Wheatgrass MicroGreen Seed
6 Pack 10/20 Germination Pad
1/2 Pound Sunflower MicroGreen Seed
Mustard MicroGreen Seed
Purple Kohlrabi MicroGreen Seed
Large 10/20 Germination Pad
Large MicroGreen Kit 10/20 Tray
Purple Radish MicroGreen Seed
Radish MicroGreen Seed
Red Amaranth MicroGreen Seed
Red Cabbage MicroGreen Seed
Turnip MicroGreen Seed
Wheatgrass MicroGreen Seed