Super Green Micro-green Starter Set


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This setup includes everything you need to grow fresh delicious Sunflower, Broccoli, Turnip and wheatgrass micro-greens. You get a Product of Nature kitchen kit, 4 replacement germination pads and seeds. This kit has an 11.75″ tray with bio-glass cover and features 8″x8″ germination pads. Flanged tray allows nice air flow and easy harvesting of microgreens. Micro-greens are easy to grow with Product of Nature™ kits. Just wet the germination pad, sprinkle with seeds, cover for a day or two and then place in sun and keep pad moist. The little seedlings are ready to harvest when you see their first leaves. Micro-greens have all the flavor of mature plants. A crop is ready in 10-14 days and can be harvested fresh with a scissors right in the kitchen. Just wash and eat. In less than 5 minutes a day you can keep a crop rotation of 3-4 trays going for a constant supply of ready to harvest greens.