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Easy and Ecological Seed Starts!

Farmer You seed starting kits & germination pads are the environmentally friendly way to get an early start on seeds. Professional growers use Farmer You seedling pads because they are sustainable and germinate seeds quickly into healthy plants. Product of Nature seedling blankets are made in the USA, and contain no rockwool, perlite, or foreign coco coir dust. Just 100% Natural Kenaf plant fiber and an inert binder.

Setup Is Simple

  • Place germination pad inside Product of Nature re-useable growing tray.
  • Add water and allow pad to completely saturate.
  • Place seeds in holes.
  • Add bio-glass cover and place out of direct sun for germination.
  • After seeds germinate, remove cover and place tray in a sunny location. Add water daily to re-saturate the MagniMoist pad.
  • When your seedlings are ready, remove a square and plant both the MagniMoist and the seedling in soil.


  • Soil-less, clean & easy to use.
  • Perfect for tomatoes, veggies and flowers
  • Made In USA