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MagniMoist Outperforms Coco Liners!

Wow! Soil Hydrating Liner outperforms coco liners. University tested grows healthier plants. MagniMoist will help you grow more vibrant and colorful window boxes, hayracks and troughs this season.

The Science Behind MagniMoist

Water! Soil hydration is the number one factor in container plant performance, ahead of sunlight and plant food. Placed below potting soil in all types of containers, MagniMoist’s fibers deflect water back up into the dry soil during watering. Then, when the soil is fully saturated, the fibers become porous, releasing only the excess water. The result is a perfectly-hydrated plant each time you water, for healthier, more beautiful plants!

MagniMoist is Proven Better Plant Liner

That’s the University of Minnesota’s conclusion after testing MagniMoist against coco liners. In our 2003 display gardens, 10 baskets lined with coco fiber were trialed against 10 identical baskets lined with MagniMoist liners. With each flower combination, the MagniMoist liner either met or exceeded the performance of coco fiber.
-Dr. Neil Anderson, Dept. of Horticultural Science, University of Minnesota.

No Comparison

The special MagniMoist fiber is an all-natural, Made-in-USA formulation with a 100% recycled binder. We produce MagniMoist to strict horticultural standards in the United States. We promise NO chemical binders and NO fumigants. That’s a guarantee you can’t get with imported coco or moss liners.


  • Magnifies the water-holding capacity of potting soil.
  • Proven to dramatically improve the look and health of plants.
  • Preferred for city and street baskets.
  • Easy to cut and shape.

Hint for longer planters

Overlap 2 or more window box liners for longer troughs and hayracks. For example an 18 plus a 30 for up to a 48 long planter.